Press Release - Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade)

Intuitive Multi-Filament 3D Printing with your E3D V6 Hot End

DisTech Automation just launched the Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade). This innovative product is based on the original Prometheus System and enables multi-color and multi-material 3D printing from a single E3D V6 Hot End.

Kingston, ON, Canada – June 26, 2017

DisTech Automation, a Canadian 3D printing company, announced the release of the Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade) which allows E3D V6 Hot End users to create multi-color and multi-material objects. The Prometheus System solution simplifies the multi-extrusion process and expands the capabilities of 3D printers using the E3D V6.

Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade)

The original Prometheus System launched on Kickstarter in September 2016 raising $76,215 funding in 30 days. The Prometheus System has a modular design that consists of 3 key components: the hot end, the extruders, and the feeder. The original Prometheus System was specifically designed to work with DisTech's Prometheus V2 Hot End. However, with the success of the Kickstarter campaign and hundreds of active users around the world, many people have requested system compatibility with the E3D V6 Hot End.

“To enable reliable multi-filament 3D printing using the Prometheus System with the E3D V6, we had to develop the "Prometheus Heat Break". This is a precision machined and polished component that replaces the standard E3D V6 heat break to facilitate reliable filament switching with the Prometheus System.”

– Eric Sammut, CEO of DisTech Automation

Prometheus Heat Break (E3D V6 Upgrade)

When compared to conventional methods of dual extrusion, the Prometheus System has several advantages. By using a single nozzle, the Prometheus System eliminates the calibration and nozzle dripping issues that affect dual nozzle configurations. In addition, by feeding one filament at a time into a single hot end, the Prometheus System prevents the problems with color contamination and increased extrusion pressure that are associated with color mixing hot ends.

“The Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade) solves all of the issues associated with conventional methods of dual extrusion. We believe that this new product will be a popular upgrade for E3D V6 users who want to print multi-color and multi-material objects.”

– Eric Sammut, CEO of DisTech Automation

The Prometheus System (E3D V6 upgrade) is available for order and ships immediately. The upgrade kit can be purchased on DisTech's website by following the link below:

Order the Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade)

The product launch video for the Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade) is posted on DisTech's YouTube channel and is shown below:


About DisTech Automation Inc:

DisTech Automation is a 3D printer company based in Canada that manufactures high-performance products to push the limits of desktop 3D printing. In September 2016, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Prometheus System and raised $76,215 funding in 30 days. With the success of the Kickstarter campaign and hundreds of active users around the world, DisTech is now excited to introduce the latest iteration of the Prometheus System that is compatible with the E3D V6 Hot End. 

Eric Sammut      
Founder and CEO
+1 647 470 6059