About Us


DisTech operates with the philosophy of developing disruptive personal automation technology so that every human person can have access to the means of production required to make a significant positive change in the world. In the same way that personal computers and open-source software have carried us through the “age of information”, desktop manufacturing and open-source hardware will lead us to the “age of innovation”. DisTech will work toward this goal and operate under an open source hardware business model that promotes sustainable innovative development.

In addition to the renowned Prometheus V2 All-Metal Hot End, DisTech has recently released the Prometheus System, an intuitive solution for reliable multi-filament 3D printing. There are always new products in development at DisTech so stay tuned for new releases!

The Team

Eric Sammut - Founder and CEO

Eric has been actively involved in the 3D printing community since 2012 and he runs all operations at DisTech under a philosophy that promotes the development of open source hardware. He is very passionate about 3D printing and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Queens University in Canada. 

Previously, Eric worked at a staging company where he gained experience with Carpentry, Welding, CAD Design, CAM, CNC Programming, and Industrial CNC Operation. He was also involved in project management for several large projects. The most notable project he worked on was the construction of the new multi-million dollar NHL set for Rogers Sportsnet which replaced the iconic "Hockey Night in Canada". 

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