Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade)

Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade)

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*NOTE*: This kit is an upgrade for the E3D V6 Hot End. If you do not have the E3D V6 Hot End, you should order the complete Prometheus SystemIf you already have a Prometheus V2 Hot End, you should order the Prometheus System (PRO V2 Upgrade).

The Prometheus System is a revolutionary extrusion system that expands the capabilities of any low-cost 3D printer. It allows your 3D printer to produce complex multi-color and multi-material objects with the simplicity of a single hot end.


Kit Components:

  • 1x Prometheus System (E3D V6 Upgrade) - (unassembled kit with 12V/24V electronics)
    • 1x Prometheus Heat Break (E3D V6 Upgrade)
    • 1x ProFeeder
    • 2x ProStruders

*NOTE*: This E3D V6 Upgrade is compatible with standard E3D V6 nozzles. We recommend using a 0.4mm nozzle as that is the nozzle size that was used for testing.

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Main Features

  • Print with 2 colors or materials (support material, composites, and special materials)
  • Print at temperatures of up to 300C
  • No calibration required
  • No nozzle dripping (single nozzle design)
  • No color contamination (single hot end design)
  • Low moving mass (~65g) makes it ideal for Rostock style delta printers


The Prometheus System is compatible with 3D printers that support the following:

  • Dual extruder stepper drivers on the controller board
  • Repetier Host with Cura-engine slicer, or Simplify3D
  • Marlin/Repetier/Smoothieware based firmware (this includes almost all desktop 3D printers)

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