Heat Sink V2

Heat Sink V2

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  • 1x Aluminium Heat Sink for Prometheus V2

[Note: These heat sinks are backward compatible with Prometheus V1.1]

Design Features

  • Internal geometry allows for the Bowden collet to be inserted directly into the heat sink enabling easy compact Bowden integration for both 1.75mm and 3mm versions. All heat sinks are Bowden compatible and switching between Bowden and Direct configuration takes just a few seconds.
  • Efficiently dissipates heat from the nozzle maintaining a sharp 2mm thermal transition at temperatures up to 300C.
  • Optimized heat dissipation allows for a quieter cooling fan and minimizes vibrations.
  • In both the Bowden and Direct configurations, a PTFE tube passes into the heat sink and facilitates a smooth filament path directly into the 1-piece nozzle. This improves performance when printing flexible filaments like NinjaFlex. [Note: PTFE Tubing is not subjected to high temperatures.]
  • Compact design conserves z-height and allows two hot ends to be placed as close as 16mm from each other, conserving print space in a dual extrusion set-up.
  • Standard J-Head groovemount dimensions means that Prometheus V2 should fit most extruders and is a drop-in replacement for your old hot end.
  • 1-piece nozzle is secured in the heat sink with set screws allowing for easy disassembly and “melt-zone” adjustment.

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