Prometheus V2 Hot End

Prometheus V2 Hot End

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The Prometheus V2 is an all-metal hot end that is fully customizable and works with any 3D printer. Machined from a single piece of stainless steel, the 1-piece nozzle allows for easy assembly and eliminates all internal “melt-zone” junctions. The nozzle can print at extremely high temperatures and maintain excellent consistency.


Kit Components:

  • 1x Prometheus V2 - (unassembled kit with 12V/24V electronics)


  • Extra 1-piece nozzles are available with 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 1mm orifice sizes. 
  • Prometheus V2 is bowden compatible. The kit does include a bowden collet for the Heat Sink but does not include bowden tubing. You can order an extra bowden coupler for your extruder or some bowden tubing for your hot end.

For more information check out our Prometheus V2 User Guide!

V2 Design Features

  • Durable, actively cooled, compact, all-metal construction for high-temperature extrusion up to 300C.
  • Professional internal polishing along the full length of the nozzle reduces friction in the hot end and eliminates jamming when printing PLA. The V2 nozzles are processed with a new polishing method which is a combination of mechanical and chemical polishing and results in a flawless internal mirror finish.
  • Machined from a single piece of stainless steel, the 1-piece design eliminates all internal “melt-zone” junctions making hot end leaks a thing of the past.
  • V2 nozzles are made of Stainless Steel so they do not wear quickly like conventional brass nozzles. No need to replace your nozzle when printing abrasive filaments such as the Stainless Steel PLA, Magnetic Iron PLA, and Carbon Fiber PLA offered by Proto-Pasta or Colorfabb XT-CF20.
  • V2 nozzles are available in various sizes (0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 1.0mm) and the nozzle length scales with orifice size (33mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 40mm, respectively) so that the larger nozzles can be assembled with a longer melt-zone to allow for higher feed rates. This makes nozzle identification much easier as you just have to measure the length of the nozzle.
  • V2 Nozzles also have refined internal and external geometry to reduce backpressure and improve extrusion and retraction response resulting in sharper and cleaner looking prints.
  • The 1-piece nozzle is very strong and can withstand all of the stresses of operation. No need to worry about your hot end breaking when your nozzle crashes into the print bed.
  • Variable length “melt-zone” allows for the hot end to be customized according to your needs. From high precision to high speed printing, Prometheus V2 does it all.
  • Heat Sink efficiently dissipates heat from the nozzle maintaining a sharp 2mm thermal transition at temperatures up to 300C. Optimized heat dissipation allows for a quieter cooling fan and minimizes vibrations.
  • Internal geometry allows for the Bowden collet to be inserted directly into the heat sink enabling easy compact Bowden integration for both 1.75mm and 3mm versions. All heat sinks are Bowden compatible and switching between Bowden and Direct configuration takes just a few seconds.
  • In both the Bowden and Direct configurations, a PTFE tube passes into the heat sink and facilitates a smooth filament path directly from your extruder into the 1-piece nozzle. This improves performance when printing flexible filaments like NinjaFlex. [Note: PTFE tubing is not subjected to high temperatures within the hot end.]
  • Compact design conserves z-height and allows two hot ends to be placed as close as 16mm from each other, conserving print space in a dual extrusion set-up.
  • Professional heater cartridge and high temp sleeving on the thermistor means that no messy Kapton tape is required! The thermistor is held in place with an M3 bolt and washer.
  • Standard J-Head groovemount dimensions means that Prometheus V2 should fit most extruders and is a drop-in replacement for your old hot end.


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