All-Metal Hot End Comparison

Melt-Zone Length
The Prometheus V2 allows the user to configure the length of the "melt-zone" to their specific needs. They can shorten the "melt-zone" length to achieve maximum quality or use a longer "melt-zone" for high speed printing. Other all-metal hot ends are a fixed length.
1 Piece Nozzle
The 1-piece nozzle (which replaces the standard nozzle and heat break combination in most all metal hot ends) eliminates the need for the hot end to be assembled at high temperatures to create a leak proof seal in the "melt-zone". This also makes assembly a lot easier.
Internal Polishing
The Prometheus V2 features a 1 piece nozzle that is polished internally. This reduces friction in the hot end and eliminates jamming when printing PLA. The V2 nozzles are processed with a new polishing method which is a combination of mechanical and chemical polishing and results in a flawless internal mirror finish. Most conventional nozzles lack internal polishing which can jam up the hot end.

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