Latest Developments at DisTech

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Latest Developments at DisTech

DisTech is growing rapidly. In the next few weeks get ready for lots of updates as we have tons of exciting news to share. We will be providing you with weekly updates sharing our progress along the way. First we would like to share that we have acquired a new workspace. The new workspace will give us more space to work on developing and testing out new products. It will also make room for new team members to help grow the business.

3D Printer Testing Area

Above you can see our 3D printer testing area. Eric has designed and built all of these delta printers from scratch. They are constructed from heavy duty 3mm Aluminium Composite Panels and are completely enclosed with clear Acrylic doors. These printers feature magnetic ball joints for zero backlash which results in incredible print quality. The unique feature of these delta printers is the hanging extruder carriage. The extruder is hung from a carriage that moves independently from the X, Y, and Z carriages on the same linear rails. The extruder carriage is controlled but independent stepper motors to lift the extruder as the part is being printed. This minimizes moving mass on the end effector and allows for a very short bowden tune feeding into the Prometheus V2 hot end. You will also notice the Canadian Tire buckets which are used for drying the filament to remove moisture before it is printed. 

Business Development Office

Displayed above is another office used for business development. The worklights will be converted to makeshift softboxes for product photos.

We have big plans for the summer and this new workspace is just the first step in achieving them. Stay tuned for new updates!


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